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Danielson Framework- Example Artifacts/Elements Domain 1
Danielson Framework- Example Artifacts/Elements . Domain 1- Planning and Preparation and Domain 4- Professional Responsibilities . Domain 1- Planning and Preparation and Domain 4 - Professional Responsibilities are considered “unobservable” domains. Evidence for rating these domains is gathered through artifacts and professional conversations.[PDF]
Possible Artifacts for Danielson Domains One and Four
Possible Artifacts for Danielson Domains One and Four Educator Effectiveness Pilot Network April 2014 Note: Educators will provide artifacts as evidence for Domains 1 and 4. These are the ‘behind the scenes’ components, typically not observable in a classroom setting. Evidence for Domains 2 [PDF]
Possible Artifacts for Danielson Domains One and Four
Possible Artifacts for Danielson Domains One and Four Educator Effectiveness Pilot Network April 2014 Note: Educators will provide artifacts as evidence for Domains 1 and 4. These are the ‘behind the scenes’ components, typically not observable in a classroom setting. Sample performance task with rubric Sample Exit tickets with[PDF]
DANIELSON FRAMEWORK FOR TEACHING SAMPLES OF ARTIFACTS DOMAIN #1: PLANNING AND PREPARATION • Examples of rubrics • Exit tickets • Student growth objectives • Student created assessments • Teacher and peer comments of student work DOMAIN #4 – PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITES[PDF]
Framework for Teacher Evaluation
Domains 1 and 4. • A teacher’s final evaluation consists of his/her level of performance within Charlotte Danielson, Framework for Teaching, 2013 Edition (80% Domains 1-4) and measures of student growth (20% Domain 5). • The final evaluation will be determined using a scoring system with weighted ratings for Domains 1-5.[PDF]
Danielson 2014-15 Rubric
for quickly identifying the components by Domains 1 & 4 and the other for Domains 2 & 3. Danielson’s key elements for the components are included. This is provides a more summative and accurate description of the components than others using performance indicators. Digital copies of this reformatted rubric and the DOE released one are[PDF]
Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities
Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities Component Reflecting on Teaching4a : Reflecting on teaching encompasses the teacher’s thinking that follows any instructional event, an analysis of the many decisions made in both the[PDF]
Charlotte Danielson Education) FRAMEWORK FOR TEACHING
4 harlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching, 2014 Adapted for Kentucky Department of Education Domain 1 Planning & Preparation Domain 2 Classroom Environment Domain 3 Instruction Domain 4 Professional Responsibilities A. Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy i. Knowledge of Content and the Structure of the Discipline ii.[PDF]
Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument
Even clearer rubric language and descriptions for each performance level within each component to help observers make tighter distinctions between performance levels. Instructional implications of the Common Core State Standards. Additions to Domain 1 (mostly in examples) support curriculum and assessment.[PDF]
Artifact Idea Chart - Oregon
Artifact Idea Chart for Danielson Framework in David Douglas School District 2a. Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport Pictures of goals, norms, classroom posters (PBIS) Examples of whole class positive reinforcement (compliment jar, class points, etc.) ­Exa mplesand non-­ [PDF]
Appendix A: The Framework for Teaching (2011 Revised Edition)
Danielson has selected Teachscape as the exclusive electronic provider of this refined instrument. In the Framework for Teaching (2011 Revised Edition) all the domains, components, and elements are identical to the earlier version. Therefore, the pre‐existing research foundation applies.[PDF]
CHARLOTTE DANIELSON THE FRAMEWORK FOR TEACHING EVALUATION INSTRUMENT. PLANNING AND PREPARATION Not only are the reflections accurate, but teachers can provide specific examples from the lesson to support their judgments. • Use in future teaching DOMAIN 4. responsibilities.[PDF]
School Psychologist Rubric 6-01-14 FINAL
School Psychologist – June 01, 2014 “Adapted from Charlotte Danielson’s 2011 Framework for Teaching.” 1 RUBRIC ASSESSMENT: SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST (SP) Date Self-Assessment Evaluator Assessment Domain 1: Planning and Preparation Domain 1: Planning and Preparation Demonstrates knowledge through data-driven decision making and accountability[PDF]
DANIELSON FRAMEWORK – SCHOOL COUNSELORS DOMAIN 1: PLANNING AND PREPARATION DOMAIN 2: THE ENVIRONMENT 1a. Demonstrating knowledge of counseling theory and techniques IV-A-3 Demonstrate counseling theories and techniques that work in school, such as rational emotive behavior therapy, reality therapy, cognitive-
1e: Designing Coherent Instruction - Danielson Framework
Critical Attributes: Learning activities are matched to instructional outcomes. Activities provide opportunity for higher-level thinking. The teacher provides a variety of [DOC]
“Look Fors and Listen Fors” in Components of Charlotte
Web viewScoring systems/rubrics establishing measurable criteria are communicated up front. Authentic, real world applications are evident. Feedback to students guide next steps, i.e. teaching or re-teaching. Domain 2: The Classroom Environment. Component 2a: Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport. Teacher interaction with students
Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities - Danielson
Domain 4, together with Domain 1 - Planning and Preparation, represents the "behind the scenes" work associated with teaching. Through their skills in Domain 4, teachers demonstrate their commitment to high ethical and professional standards and seek to improve their practice.
Teacher Effectiveness - SAS
Domains 1 and 4 cover aspects of the teaching profession that occur outside the classroom, committees of educators worked to develop general and specific examples as an optional and potentially useful supplement to the existing and already validated Danielson Rubric for use with instructionally certified personnel.[PDF]
Enhancing Professional Practice
Domain 2 Domain 4 Professional Responsibilities Domain 1 Planning and Preparation 4a Reflecting on Teaching 4b Maintaining Accurate Records 4c Communicating with Families 4d Participating in a Professional Community 4e Growing and Developing Professionally 4f Showing Professionalism Domain 1 1a Demonstrating Knowledge of Content & Pedagogy
7 Best Danielson Rubric images | Danielson, Teacher
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Frequently Asked Questions | The Danielson Group
Domains 1 and 4 represent the “behind the scenes” work of teaching: essential for accomplished practice but not visible in the classroom. This means that a teacher’s skill in these domains must be demonstrated through artifacts, planning documents for Domain 1 and artifacts reflecting a teacher’s professionalism for Domain 4.[PDF]
Danielson Framework Domain 4 Reflective Prompts
Danielson Framework Domain 4 – Reflective Prompts Completed by the Teacher Candidate during Student Teaching It is your responsibility, as the Teacher Candidate, to provide evidence of meeting the expectations of Domain Four and its components (4a, 4b, 4c, 4d, 4e, and 4f) before the completion of student teaching.
4f: Showing Professionalism - Sarah J. Miller
Danielson Framework‎ > ‎Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities‎ > ‎ 4f: Showing Professionalism. Teachers should show professionalism in all circumstances. Whether a teacher is teaching a lesson, communicating with parents, discussing teaching methods with other teachers or simply talking to a friend, a teacher must remain professional[PDF]
Danielson’s Framework for Teaching Professional Artifact
Danielson’s Framework for Teaching ‐ Professional Artifact Collection Examples The following are examples of some types of possible artifacts and are included here for illustrative purposes only. DOMAIN 1: Planning and Preparation • Lesson and/or unit plans • Do Now activities[PDF]
Teacher Evaluation Guide
Performance Review (APPR) Standards for teacher evaluation that are clustered into the following four domains of teaching responsibility (as framed in the Teachscape Danielson Rubric approved by New York State: Domain 1: Planning and Preparation Domain 2: Classroom Environment Domain 3: Instruction Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities
A Vision Of Excellence | The Danielson Group
Danielson initially organized the instructional practice into four domains: Planning and Preparation, The Classroom Environment, Instruction, and Professional Responsibilities. Over the last 23 years the Framework has evolved to reflect new learning in the field and important shifts, such as the adoption of more rigorous college- and career[PDF]
DANIELSON FRAMEWORK: SPEECH/LANGUAGE PATHOLOGISTS DOMAIN 1: PLANNING AND PREPARATION DOMAIN 2:THE ENVIRONMENT 1a. Demonstrating Knowledge and Skill in Specialist Therapy Area and Regulations Within and Beyond the School and District Knowledge of eligibility and therapeutic practices Maintaining licensure and certification 1b.[PDF]
Domain 1: Planning and Preparation
Domain 1: Planning and Preparation Arkansas TESS Training Based on: The TESS Rubric is based on The Framework for Teaching Rubric by Charlotte Danielson. The Rubric of this presentation is used to guide Classroom Educators. Other rubrics for this system exist for Specialty Review examples [PDF]
Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument
Charlotte Danielson developed the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument in 2011 and Additions to Domain 1 (mostly in examples) support curriculum and the complex work of teaching is divided into 4 domains and 22 components. Furthermore,[PDF]
Domain 4: Professionalism
NMTEACH Domain 4: Professionalism Domain 4: Professionalism Element NMTEACH 4D: Demonstrating Professionalism • How high are the teacher’s professional standards and practices? • To what level is the teacher willing to comply with district and school rules and regulations? Note: Any reference to “all students” includes culturally and linguistically diverse students, ELs, and SWD.[PDF]
Teacher Evidence Sources
- Student Assignments: Rigor, Rubrics Used, Observer “scripts” lesson or takes notes on specially –designed form (paper or electronic) Observer takes notes during pre-and post- observation conferences Observer interacts with student about what they are learning Student Assignments Teacher provides examples of student work[PDF]
Workgroup on Teacher Evaluation Evidence: Teacher
4 Overview The purpose of this document is to guide observers using The Framework for Teaching Danielson rubric 1(2011 Edition) by “tinting the lens” with a view from an early childhood perspective. Although this evidence document uses the format of the Danielson framework, we anticipate that the[PDF]
School Counselors Rubric
The Danielson Group published the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument in 2011 and a second edition in 2013. The Evaluation Instrument contained rubric language for each component at all four levels of performance, as well as critical attributes and possible examples for each of
Danielson Domain 4 Worksheets & Teaching Resources | TpT
This PPT presentation provides a template for the Danielson rubric, specifically Domain 4, used for APPR. Slides can be added or customized based on the artifacts included. The presentation can be uploaded using Google Slides to "share" with administrators digitally rather than the hassle of print. Subjects: Professional Development.[PDF]
School Counselor Evaluation Supporting Documents
4 | Page Charlotte Danielson Framework Review • School counselors are represented under the specialist’s area in Danielson’s “Framework for Teaching”. Through this specialist identification school counselors follow the same four core domains of highly effective educators as outlined below. o Domain 1: Planning and Preparation[PDF]
Component 1b. Demonstrating Knowledge of Students
Domain 1: Planning and Preparation Arkansas TESS Training Based on: The TESS Rubric is based on The Framework for Teaching Rubric by Charlotte Danielson. The Rubric of this presentation is used to guide Classroom Educators. Other rubrics for this system exist for Specialty Review examples [PDF]
Artifacts: Examples Domain #1 – Planning and Preparation
The sample artifacts and evidence below are illustrative in nature and do not represent a comprehensive list. Domain #1 – Planning and Preparation . Rubrics that identify proficiency for an outcome[PDF]
APPR Domain 4 Exemplars - 141
Domain 4 Exemplars The following are notes from a meeting with teachers in the Junior-Senior High School on Friday, January 25, 2013. The group was gathered to brainstorm ideas to help define what evidence would be appropriate for each element (italicized) of Danielson’s Domain 4: [PDF]
RUBRIC CRITICAL ATTRIBUTES Teachscape Examples Unsatisfactory Expectations for learning, directions and procedures, and explanations of content are unclear or confusing to students. The teacher’s use of language contains errors or is inappropriate for students’ cultures or levels of
Sample Evidence for Charlotte Danielson Framework
May 26, 2017 - This download includes sample pieces of evidence to include in your evaluation (based on Charlotte Danielson's framework). These are my own personal pages for Components #1 and #4 that I have included in my own binder.[PDF]
Teacher Artifacts - Wellsville Elementary School
Domain #1 & Domain #4 Professional Responsibilities Teacher Artifacts Listed within this are suggested examples of artifacts aligned to each component. Please refer to the Teachscape (2011) “Framework for Teaching” Rubric to reflect on how your artifacts align with the rubric.[PDF]
Danielson Rubric - West Chester University
Danielson Rubric Domain 1: Planning and Preparation Component Distinguished (4) Proficient (3) Basic (2) Unsatisfactory (1) 1a: Demonstrating The Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy The teacher displays extensive knowledge of the important concepts in the discipline and how these relate both to one another and to other disciplines. The teacher[PDF]
October 2011 1 - Rochester City School District
1 RCSD Teacher Evaluation Guide Supplement - A This supplement includes the Danielson Teachscape Rubric and the Formal Teacher Observation Form. The detailed Teachscape Rubric with critical attributes/examples and the electronic Observation Form are available on the Career in Teaching Website. (Go to RCSDK12. Click on Departments.
Emily Bach - Danielson Domains Portfolio
We also need to meet parents to form connections and to be able to understand students more fully (Danielson, 2007, pg. 96). In order to inform parents, teachers must supplement the traditional report card and parent-teacher conference with more information via
Danielson Domains 1-4 Flashcards | Quizlet
The Four Domains of Charlotte Danielson's Framewrok for Teaching Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Search. Browse. Domain 1 Planning and Preparation. Designing Coherent Instruction. Domain 2 Seminar TESS Rubric. 22 terms. iluvpies. Danielson Domains. 31 terms. CandaceAlecia. Charlotte Danielson. 22 terms.[PDF]
Teacher Evaluation Handbook
domains, each with five to six components of teaching, this framework serves as the guide for rating teacher practice, both in classroom observations and the overall evaluation of performance. To view the complete rubric, refer Appendix A. For detailed descriptions of the component and related elements, see Appendix B. Domain 1: Planning and[PDF]
RUBRIC 1. 2. 3. 4. - Bergenfield
RUBRIC CRITICAL ATTRIBUTES Examples Unsatisfactory Classroom interactions, both between the teacher and students and among students, are negative, inappropriate, or insensitive to students’ cultural backgrounds, and characterized by sarcasm, put-down, or conflict. 1. The teacher uses disrespectful talk toward students. 2.[PDF]
The Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument
DOMAIN 4 Professional Responsibilities Professional Responsibilities. 92 4 f S H O W I N G P R O F E S S I O N A L I S M For example, they con - duct their interactions with colleagues with honesty and integrity. They know their students’ Charlotte Danielson Subject: Teacher Evaluation Keywords:
New Jersey Framework | Teacher Evaluation in Early
The purpose of this document is to guide observers using The Framework for Teaching Danielson rubric (2011 Edition)1 by “tinting the lens” with a view from an early childhood perspective. While the work group focused mainly on Domains 2 and 3, examples for Domains 1 and 4 are provided courtesy the Pennsylvania Department of Education
Free Charlotte Danielson 2007-2011 Flip Book by Danielle
Charlotte Danielson Interactive Layered Flip Book Includes: 8 PAGES-Directions on how to assemble your flip book-Danielson Framework- the 4 Domains-Elements of the each domain’s components-Samples of each component within a lesson/unit plan-Danielson Rubric for each domain-Cover page (you don't have to print it)-This free download is for all grades, all subjects, and all levels.

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